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Blue Carbon: From Shorelines to the Open Sea, How the Blue Carbon Contributes to Climate Action



"Given the severe impact of climate change, the blue carbon market would rapidly become an attractive market for private players as well."


In order to tackle climate change, the world needs tougher plans to reduce the net atmospheric carbon. Compared to the limited capacity of green carbon, terrestrial-based ecosystem, blue carbon has much more potential to tap into a massive volume by leveraging the oceanic ecosystem. 


However, in recent days, many governments started to promote the preservation of blue carbon plants by supporting academic research and restoration of the environment. The private sector is now partnering with local and global NGOs to collaborate on restoration projects. With cutting-edge technology, such as remote sensing and AI-powered analytics, companies try to develop technologies that advance understanding of the blue carbon ecosystem.


To scale up this blue carbon market, we should continuously explore the technology in terms of sequestering atmospheric carbon and its full effect.


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