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your sustainable path,


your sustainable path,

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As the economy and demographic shift fast, and technologies transform the whole society,
we face multiple challenges. In particular, the unsustainability of the modern economy affects everyone and everything on our planet
and asks us to embark on a revolution to change government policies, financial institutions’ focus, current corporate practices, and human behavior.

These challenges will also generate new business opportunities and broaden our perspectives on the business world.

As a professional management consulting firm,
our people understand your language and share your aspirations. We will act for you.

We advise leading organizations on bold and effective strategies that pave the way to a sustainable society.

Develop your sustainable path, together with us.

Accelerating Transformations in Sustainability
Sustainable Values as the Norm

Vision &

Our vision is to reshape the market so that sustainable values are the norm.
We want to create a world where business and investment decisions take long-term sustainability considerations into account and transform themselves to incorporate sustainability considerations.
We believe that a more sustainable future belongs to the most resilient and proactive innovators.
We help these innovators make decisions, integrate ESG metrics into their businesses, and create responsible solutions for their key assets.

We are the right partner for sustainable returns and long-lasting values.


Identity of SSL


We find a convergence of paths where capital, technology, and societal needs
fuse to create greater sustainable value.

Identity of SSL
Sustainability Supporter for Capital Allocation SSL is the in-house sustainability hub for the pan-Asian buyout PE fund, The Sylvan Group.
When capital and research converge for a good, capital can be allocated more effectively for a sustainable world.
Identity of SSL
Think Tank for a Sustainable Future Keeping our eyes on social/environmental issues and tailoring innovative solutions and technologies for sustainable movements are essential. As business and economic researchers focusing on sustainability, we provide deep-dive research on specific problems and solutions in traditional industries and share macro views and insights for future investments and businesses.
Identity of SSL
Professional Advisor for Your Sustainable Journey Expertise in ESG and sustainability are core competencies of SSL.
Professionals with ESG consulting and research experience provide viable solutions to our business partners and clients for their sustainability business transformations and next steps.
Identity of SSL
Project Initiator and Facilitator Proactive thinking and actions define SSL’s identity. SSL hosts networking events and forums about sustainability. It also goes a step beyond by seeking innovators and business partners who want to make changes towards sustainability by themselves. SSL also engages in long-term environmental projects, dreaming of a greener and bluer earth.

Values 4A

  • Analytic-based
    Offering data, case and evidence-based research and analysis

    Data is the fundamental element needed to implement an ESG strategy, whether the focus is on issues as diverse as carbon emissions, water consumption or gender diversity. Through data-led insights, we are able to create achievable and measurable strategies that benefit both business and planet.

  • Advanced thinking
    Providing innovative, unique, and timely solutions based on foresight

    Having an effective sustainability strategy means being realistic and future-focused. We support our clients with innovative ideas and forward-thinking solutions based on the latest technological advancements. We’re always at the cutting edge of societal developments, spearheading the oncoming Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • Action-driven
    Taking action to achieve impact realization by collaboration and partnership

    Going beyond simply creating strategic solutions, we provide hands-on guidance to the implementation of an ESG strategy. Once objectives and goals have been established, we create a roadmap andframework so that a plan can be put in motion and monitored on an ongoing basis to make tangible changes.

  • Accountability
    Creating long-lasting impact through sincerity and integrity

    Accountability is the cornerstone of successful sustainable development. We are dedicated to creating long-term ESG implementation strategies, setting out key performance indicators and measuring progress against these metrics. Progress reporting, evaluation and communication are all vital to achieving ESG goals.

Initiatives & Partnership

  • The Sylvan Group
  • Juniper Biologics
  • Artemis Healthcare
  • PRI
  • TCFD
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