Who We Are

We strongly believe that the world needs companies
that can drive positive change at scale.

Sylvan Sustainability Lab

Sylvan Sustainability Lab (SSL) was established in 2022 by The Sylvan Group, a Singapore-based
ESG & Impact PE, under purpose of proliferating sustainable investments and practices in Asia.

For The Sylvan Group, SSL helps establishing ESG Integration process, and providing ESG & Impact Due Diligence,
ESG & Impact measurement and management services to the group’s portfolio companies.

Moreover, by providing insights derived from in-depth analysis and professional network,
we support investors and business leaders to efficiently channel existing capital and create confidence
that their inputs are driving real, measurable impact.
Sylvan Sustainability Lab


Kyungsun Chung is providing SSL’s long-term vision and partnerships.
He founded Root Impact, HGI, and The Sylvan Group.
He early realized the importance of social entrepreneurship in pursuing a sustainable society and how much these entrepreneurs are in need of help.
This is how he started to build communities and infrastructure for social ventures and impact investing from the early stage of Korea’s impact ecosystem. 
Based on his extensive experience, he founded Sylvan Sustainability Lab in order to make positive change in traditional industries,
utilize more capitals and resources to create greater impact.

ESG & Impact Journey of Kyungsun

  • Investments made during the time serving as CEO of HGI
  • Investments made during the time serving as CEO of The Sylvan Group

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  • 2012
    Founded Root Impact

    Non-profit organization (NPO) that aims to build infrastructures to gather Changemakers and assist in their growth

  • 2013
  • Investment in Tree Planet
    and Frientrip/FRIP
    Founded HG Initiative (HGI)

    Venture Capital (VC) firm with a focus on impact investment

  • Investment in millcompany and DOHANDS
    Opened D-Well House

    Shared house for

  • Investment in Radish Media
    and Enuma
    Founded Communitas America

    U.S. version of ‘Root Impact’
    that aims to build an inclusive
    impact ecosystem

    Founded MGRV

    Real estate development company that operates ‘Mangrove’ (a co-living brand) to improve the urban residential environment

  • Investment in Tictoc Croc
    and KIDU
    Opened HeyGround

    Co-working space and community
    for Changemakers

    Opened Safehouse

    Production studio for writers
    and content creators

  • Investment in DOTween,
    Marymond, Volunculture, Dr. Kitchen
    and Spirink/TEXTNET
  • 2019
    Founded The Sylvan Group

    PE firm with a focus on
    buyout and ESGI investment

  • 2020
    Opened First Branch of
    Mangrove (Soongin)
  • Investment in Juniper Biologics
    and Artemis Healthcare
    Opened Second Branch
    of Mangrove (Sinseol)
  • 2022
    Founded Sylvan Sustainability
    Lab (SSL)

    Think tank and consulting service provider for ESG & Impact investments and solutions

Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board will comprise prominent leaders from academia,
industry and non-governmental organizations in the fields of social impact, responsible investment, climate science and related ESG endeavors.
The Board will provide independent oversight to ensure that research output meets the highest standards of academic rigor.

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